Our Methodology - Bear Reviews

What we at Bear Review are afraid of most is not the danger of testing several products, sometimes resorting to risky methods, but the potentiality of not being able to use all the information we gather. Hence, we have used comparison tables, which has been proved very powerful in helping us keep track of and compare all the data. 

For example, when we examined more than hundreds of robot vacuums to find the best, we also looked at more than 10 aspects of each machine. This could have been a disaster of information overwhelming. 

Comparison tables are spreadsheets that are color-coded to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of a particular product. Along the y-axis, we list the contending products. Along the x-axis, we have a column for every attribute that would be important. The most important attributes come first and are weighted more heavily. As Bear Review’s experts do the testing, they put their assessment in each cell, and also color-code each cell for easy scanning when they’re done. The brighter the hue, the better the product is.

One of the most important benefits of comparison tables is that they enable reviewers to write in a comparative manner. Also, they work like institutional memory, to remind our reviewers of all the information they gathered but forget to write down.

We conduct this extensive research, testing and analyzing so you are freed from the hardwork. Also, we hope that our passionate work will help you make choices that will actually solve your problems and uplift your life. 

Why you should trust us?

A standard Bear Review guide typically features several core sections: “What do you know when you are finding a certain thing?”, which educates you on the matter (in case you are a newbie) and helps you understand your needs. Then, “Our Recommendations” and “Conclusion” provide you with our suggestions, along with the most detailed evaluations. These sections are the pillars of our work and help the readers make better decisions that will not make them regret later.  

The Bear Review experts who give recommendations and compose guides are dedicated experts. But it’s not enough for us to just claim that and hope to persuade our readers to trust in our choices. Rather, we provide reasons for you to believe in our articles and chose products by sharing any external sources we referred to come up with our suggestions.

Also, we make you think about what you really need, or who the products are for. We try to understand what are products are confusing and why you need to do some research yourself on the Internet. We hope that by reading Bear Review, readers will realize that they are supported to make the best decision for themselves.

In addition, we try to mention how we picked and tested our products. Before we start testing, our writers work on a report which discusses all the important questions about a product category, for example, Who is the target buyers? What are the most important features to look for? What are the most noteworthy brands that make this product? Who should we consult from? From there, our writers browse the internet, including the sites of Amazon and other major shopping sites to come up with our “top picks”. 

Not that each Bear Review's review is based on at least 10,000 data or more, which are collected from reputable newspapers, user reports and face-to-face interviews.

As the writer tests the products on their model list, they build a color-coded “comparison table” to list all strengths and weaknesses of a product.

To prevent our readers to buy flawed or counterfeit products, we post deals only from sites we’d be happy to recommend to a friend (or buy ourselves), particularly Amazon. However, we do take much care to make sure the Amazon retailers are legit: we mainly pick from the manufacturers’ accounts themselves, or third-party retailers with good reputation. Furthermore, we usually pick items sold by third-party sellers are at least fulfilled (processed and shipped) by Amazon, as that eases our worries to a large extent.

Specifically, we will search for retailer reviews. Then, we read the policies regarding shipping, returns, and warranty information. A one-year manufacturer’s warranty for newer and more expensive items are much more favorable. In addition, we check to make sure a fair return policy is available. 

The legitimacy of a retailer is also much enhanced with the presence of PayPal or Amazon Pay, and you can dispute unwanted charges with these digital wallets rather than with the retailer, which saves you lots of headache. 

When should you pass our Bear Review articles?

A Bear Review guide includes more than just the top recommendations. We conduct a ton of research and testing to uncover the solutions that perform the best for the majority of people. You could occasionally need something a little more precise, though. Hence, sometimes our reviews may not be for you for some following reasons:

Our selections are sold out

Every year, a lot of the goods we suggest sell out, including the vacuum cleaners and robot vacuums. The suggestions in the FAQs section might give you a higher chance of discovering something decent if you can't wait for them to be refilled (or at least serviceable).

You're prepared to spend more (or want to pay less)

We occasionally believe that things are more expensive than their performance warrants or that their manufacturers are overcharging for unnecessary features. 

For example, if a candidate we recommend is passed over solely due to price, our Discounts team will keep track of that model's price and offer deals whenever the bargain price makes the risk worthwhile. (To learn more about how our Deals team operates, see this in-depth description of how we determine what constitutes a "bargain" and assess the trustworthiness of different shops.)

And occasionally, if our top recommendations are out of your price range, you might find something in the “Best for budget” section that is less expensive and suitable for your needs (though typically, we'd prefer it if the budget pick checked all of your boxes). It's not good for your cash either when less priced things come with more concessions and end up unused or in the garbage. Additionally, we advise you to think about purchasing our recommendations used if price is a concern.

You may have special needs, such as reduced mobility

While we try to develop and uphold standards that are important to as many individuals as possible, individual must-haves and deal-breakers can differ greatly. Our "Other good" and Competition sections are still wonderful locations to get information on models that might be a better fit for your particular circumstances, even if we're aiming to better serve a larger spectrum of our readers in our main recommendations.

We do fresh rounds of testing whenever we become aware of a problem readers are having with a certain product or category in order to explore for viable answers and update our guidelines accordingly. This is another reason why we invite you to offer feedback on our reviews and let us know if there is a particular issue that needs to be resolved.

You're seeking appealing options

When forced to pick between form and function, we go with the latter. (We have no idea how many people have tweeted that "Bear Review but for something that looks awesome" is needed.) The Top picks may have something more enticing if you're prepared to give up some performance for aesthetics and you don't like the top choices. Before making a purchase, we advise you to consider the potential negatives and make sure you're prepared to live with them.

You want things to work with other things you already possess

Get a string trimmer that uses the same batteries if you already own an electric cordless leaf blower. If a kind relative has given you an infant car seat, it would be a good idea to pick a stroller that is compatible with it. And if you have a KitchenAid stand mixer, you might want to skip our top selections for ice cream makers and read the Competition section instead to learn the benefits and drawbacks of the KitchenAid ice cream maker attachment. Frequently, we evaluated a model that would be a better fit for your situation than our top choices.

You're trying to find a former (or potential) choice

We frequently include an explanation in our "Other good" or Competition sections when our recommendations are ousted by new testing. Sometimes we pass over previous recommendations because of a poor track record with customer service or an actual deterioration in quality. However, there are situations when favorites are downgraded merely because other, fresh challengers outperformed them somewhat better. In those circumstances, a prior pick can still be a fantastic purchase.

If you’re knowledgeable about the field

We believe that novices require our counsel more than experienced users do. Based on your extensive knowledge or years of experience, you may have a more developed understanding of what you want from a speaker system or a mechanical keyboard. And in that case, our top choices might not be the greatest for you. The Competition section may feature models with sophisticated features that you would value more than a beginner would, or it may list competitors with a higher learning curve and more complexity.